National Administration „Romanian Waters” is a public institution of national interest, with legal status, functioning based on economic management and autonomy that manages the waters from the state public domain and the infrastructure of the National System of Water Management consisting of reservoirs, flood protection dykes, canals, interbasin derivations, water intakes and other particular works.

From administrative point of view, NAAR has the following structure: a headquarter, 11 River Basin Administrations with legal personality, 41 Water Management Systems (without legal personality).

National Administration „Apele Române” (NAAR) applies the national strategy and policy in the field of quantitative and qualitative management of water resources, acting for acquiring knowledge on water resources, for water resources conservation, rationale use and protection against depletion and degradation, in order to ensure a sustainable development, to prevent the destructive effects of waters, to ensure river reconstruction, hydrological and hydrogeological survey, implementation of the provisions under the legislation harmonized with the Directives of the European Union in the field of the sustainable management of water resources and conservation of aquatic ecosystems and wetlands.

NAAR policies in water management resources are:

  • Administration – knowledge, sustainable development and use of water resources
  • Management and Development of the national water management system infrastructure
  • Financial – implementation of the economic mechanism for costs recovery
  • Institutional – collaboration with all state institutions and water users
  • Integration – implementation of European Union directives transposed in national legislation
  • Participation – river Basin Committees and public information
  • Human resources – assuring and training the staff
  • Decentralization – strengthening the authority and its responsibilities at basin and local level.

One of the most important atributions of NAAR is that of monitoring water resources, at national level being implemented The Water Integrated Monitoring System. The applied integrated monitoring concept is based on a triple integration of the investigation areas at the level of the river basin, the investigation matrixes and of the monitored elements/components in terms of quality and quantity.

The quantitative monitoring of water resources is achieved through the National System of Hydrology and Hydrogeological Watch.

The qualitative monitoring programme is accomplished by a 42 water quality laboratory network represented by: 1 National Laboratory, 3 Regional Laboratories, 8 Basinal Laboratories and 29 Local Laboratories (at the county level); through their activities, quality monitoring programs in accordance with the requirements of the Water Framework Directive are conducted. Also NAAR ensure the complete and operational monitoring function in trans -national context in accordance with the international conventions (eg . TNMN , Black Sea Commission , etc. ) and bilateral agreements concluded by Romania.


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